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John Peters - Public Speaker

John is a highly accomplished and versatile international public speaker. Many will remember him from the 1991 Gulf War when, as a Prisoner of War, the enduring, iconic image of his battered and bruised face was paraded on television by Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. His ordeal was one of seven weeks of physical and psychological torture. Since that defining moment, John has used his experience to inspire and motivate audiences from around the world, earning him a reputation for being one of the best there is.

What’s more, having run a business consultancy focused on helping senior executives with leadership, strategy and change, he is superb at appreciating business challenges to translate and tailor his story to your organisation’s needs. Far from being a doom and gloom merchant, his innate sense of timing and humour equips him with the dynamism to capture the spirit of any event.

John’s expertise lies in the following themes and he is able to provide a speech focused on any of them:

  • Change
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • High Performance
  • Leadership
  • Motivational / Inspirational
  • Resilience

John is consistently in demand for keynotes, conferences, after-dinner speeches and luncheons. His clients include every kind of organisation from FTSE Global 100 firms and the public sector to charities and local primary schools. He has vast experience of speaking to diverse and international audiences including America, Australia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Russia, France, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and the Republic of Ireland.

John Peters Public Speaking testimonial

"They leave with an inspired sense of purpose, with a greater undrestanding of how to cope with unexpected change and how to drive through these difficulties to set and schieve real goals. The impact he has on an audience is reflected by the 75% standing ovation rate and overwhelming response he always recieves after his presentations." - City Speakers International

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event speaking
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If you are at all interested in exploring the management consultancy services that John offers please go to the Monkey Business website at Monkey Business’ expertise is in leadership, strategy, and change.

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